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So, what are creepy/copypastas?

A copypasta is a story that is quickly or slowly spread around the internet. Most have originated from 4Chan's /x/.

A creepypasta is a copypasta that's... creepy. It usually causes the reader intense paranoia.

A trollpasta is a creepy/copypasta that is a pasta made to piss off people or for a good laugh. Even if the plot is amazingly epic, and they end it with a troll phrase, then it's a trollpasta.

A horrible trollpasta is a trollpasta no one wants to read.

Ah, there is also those crappypastas: the ones that are boring and stupid as hell, have no meaning, and is just crappy.

Ex: There was a fat guy who killed a lady

Three days later he got arrested.

Somehow Steve Jobs died. Seventeen times the bell rang.

Where do you get inspiration from? *Useful for new creepypasta writers

Usually you get inspiration from reading other creepypastas, sometimes if you're lucky it might just pop into your head.

You can also get inspiration from songs, those creepy, weird ones.