So, you want to be a competitor, eh? You just have to link it to my page. Upload your page, go to my talk page and post the link there.


  1. No trollpastas or copypastas. Just creepypastas.
  2. If your pasta is 3+ pages(Microsoft Word), put [L] in front of your title when posting your page.
  3. If your pasta is less than a page, put [M] in front of your title.
  4. Your pasta must have a decent plot.
  5. All pastas must abide by the rules of TheCreepClan.
  6. All entries must be entered by the date the contest ends. You may turn your work in a DAY late, but we take off -5 points.
  7. All entries must be completely original.

All winning entries will be shown on the Epic Creepypastas page.

Good luck!

HaileyForever 20:02, October 30, 2011 (UTC)